1. Does Coway offers non-electrical water purifier?
Yes, Coway do offers non-electrical water purifier. Value P-07Q supplies the water with the uniform water pressure from the region with the high water pressure and protects the inside of the product from the high water pressure. It’s designed for user who prefers the most economic way and satisfies with only room temperature water.

2. What kind of filters and how many filters are using by Coway’s water filtration system?
Coway’s water purifiers utilize Reverse Osmosis (R/O) in water filtration system. R/O eliminates virtually all particulate matter, turbidity, bacterial and even dissolved impurities smaller than the water molecules themselves. Reverse Osmosis represents the ultimate solution in assured purity. Coway’s water filtration system is comprised of 6-step filtration flow process utilizing a combination of 3 to 5 filters. Step 1-2: Neo-Sense Filter (Plus Sediment + Pre-Carbon) Removes infusible particles, chlorine, VOCs, pesticides, THMs, detergents, deposits, moss, sand & rust. Step 3: R/O Membrane Filter Removes heavy metals, waterborne microorganisms & microbes. Step 4-5: Inno-Sense Filter (Post-Carbon + Fine Filter) Test improvement, remove odor & fine dust. Step 6: Ceramic or UV Filter Prevents the growth of microorganisms.

3. Do I need to manually pour water into water tank?
No, there is no necessary for user to pour water into water tank for filtration process because tap water will automatically flow into water tank through inlet tubing. Meanwhile, contaminants in water will be removed through outlet tubing to ensure water purity.

4. How many degrees Celsius of hot and cold water dispense from Coway’s water purifier?
Coway’s water purifier dispense 97°c hot water which is hot enough to makes coffee, hot chocolate and even cup noodle. Besides, you also can make icy cold drink in hot weather with 4°c degree Celsius cold water dispensed from Coway’s water purifier.

5. What kind of filters and how many filters are using by Coway’s air filtration system?
Basically, every Coway’s air purifier is using custom filter to delivers specific function. For example, Dolomities AP1008CH utilizes Gingko and Japanese Sumac extract formulated filter to capture and eradicate Influenza A virus. However, Coway’s air purifier series also equipped with necessary filters to provide comprehensive protection.

  1. Pre-filter: Remove relatively large dust, human hair and pet fur.
  2. Medium Filter: Remove dust, germs and mildew.
  3. Custom Filter
  4. Deodorization Filter: Removes bad odors and harmful gases.
  5. HEPA Filter: Removes cigarette smoke, viruses, germs and micro dust.
  6. Antimicrobial Fan: Removes bacteria

6. Is Coway’s air purifier childproofing?
Yes, Coway’s air purifier is designed for child safety. The operation of the air purifier stops by safety switch when the front cover is opened. The ventilation inlet and outlet are designed for the safety to prevent the risk of accidents.

7. I’m running a restaurant and I would like to improve the air quality in restaurant. Do you have any suggestion?
Venus AP-2505CH is designed for oily and smoky environment. It utilizes Oil-Mist Filter which can effectively remove tobacco, food oil and others generated in business plate such like restaurant and office.

8. I’m stay far away from town. Does Cody/ST deliver their service as well?
Yes. As long as you’re our customer and entitled to product service, our Cody/ST definitely will deliver their service to your doorstep periodically.

9. How often does Cody/ST come to my house to do product sanitation?
If you are rental customer, our Cody/ST will provide you product sanitation and filter change every two months throughout the entire rental period. For our outright customer, they can enjoy complementary product sanitation and filter change every two months for a year. After completion of the complementary product service, customer can continue to enjoy our hassle-free service by subscribe Regular Service Membership or Premium Service Membership.

10. What services does Before Service (B/S) cover?
During B/S, Cody/ST will conduct comprehensive product sanitation and clean-up areas included filters, internal parts and product coating. Besides, Cody/ST will replace exhausted filter with new one to prolong the life and performance of the product. Customer is also welcomed to voice their opinion and comment on product or service to Cody/ST for our customer service improvement.