Scandal AP-1510BH

Scandal AP-1510BH – Coway Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifier Scandal

Normal Price: RM2,850
Promotion Price: RM2,565
(Saves 10%) Jimat RM285

*Credit cardholders pay from as low as RM72 per month.
Interest-free. Absolutely no other charges

For only RM100 per MONTH!

BONUS dari pihak Coway Malaysia:

  • PERCUMA Penghantaran Seluruh Malaysia!
  • PERCUMA Pemasangan Seluruh Malaysia!
  • PERCUMA Servis Filter setiap 2 bulan sekali!
  • PERCUMA Penukaran Filter Setiap 6 Bulan!
  • PERCUMA Jaminan Penuh (Warranty 100%)
  • PERCUMA Pemasangan Semula 1 Tahun 1 Kali!


Why Coway Air Purifier?

  • More than 5 million satisfied customer in Korea.
  • One of largest R&D Center with state-of-art facilities and more than 250 researches.
  • Received Numerous International Awards & Certifications.
  • Cody always ever-ready in assisting customers’ product maintenance.
  • Adhere to the RoHS Standard (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).

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